I study surge electricity, also known as: pure resonance within the realm of differential mathematics. My background is: I'm a generalist. I don't specialize. I integrate.

Free energy is supported by physics and wave mechanics while at the same time being very unpopular among the defense department nuclear physicists who lobby Congress for more grant money. Their job is predicated on the massive nucleus of the atom enforcing the relation we've come to know as: E = MC2.

But the electron has no mass to speak of. It's free to leverage time for more lifespan without mass or the speed of light getting in the way. The net result is more energy as well as immortality.

Crystallographers know this, but they're not in charge of our power supplies. Electrical engineers could know this had they been taught not to suppress surges in their circuits, but encourage them, foster them, nurture and nourish them, and ultimately harness them for their free and abundant supply of energy.

That's my self-assigned task. I use a cloned mirror of Paul Falstad's Electronic Simulator to do it.