Series Resistance is a Reality
Check for Electronic Simulations

The following links open up only those circuits of previous design which exhibit overunity.
Breaking Free of B&L w/LMD
First Breakthrough in OverUnity
First Breakthrough in OverUnity w/2 Lamps
Complex Manual Switching
Pulsed EV Motor Experiment
Analog Auto-Switching / Early Development
Slow growth...
Analysis of Free Energy from an Aerial
Reasonably faster growth rate...
Analysis of Free Energy from a Battery
Analog Auto-Switching / Regulated Duty Cycles
/ No External Load / Selective Duty Cycles
Two Duty Cycles: Loss vs Gain #8
Two Duty Cycles: Loss vs Gain #9
Two Duty Cycles: Loss vs Gain #10
Analog Auto-Switching / Regulated Duty Cycles
/ Aerial with Capacitor attached
~225 Amps & ~10 Giga Volts AC EV
Gradual (speedy in realsim) Infinite Gain of Amps & Volts
Dialup Whatever Torque & Watts You Want
This battery charging is overunity...
Low Frequency Duty Cycle EV
Analog Auto-Switching / External Load
Escalating Double Load, EV Oscillator
Analog Auto-Switching / Charge Batteries
Finally! An overunity circuit that works!!!
Charge Batteries without Voltage Protection
Tesla's Magnifying Transmitters
And here's some more!!!
Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter in Resonant Lightning
TMT grounded to Aerials
Plot Discharge for Negative Resistance
Plot Capacitor for Negative Resistance
Spikey EV Power Supply
Bifilar EV Power Supply
Earth-Aerial Battery Chargers / Simple Chargers
The only reason why these three circuits work
same as before is due to there being no coils...
Aerial Battery Charger, 2 x 6V
Aerial Battery Charger, 44V
Aerial Battery Charger, 48V
But this works anyway with two transformers...
Two Trannys, Aerial & Ground
House of Mirrors / Regulated by a Relay
Tesla's Battery are HV Capacitors
Extremely slow rise...
EV Power Supply Limited to ~200 Amps
Magnetic Flywheel from a Transformer
House of Mirrors / Transformer at the Hub
These work fine...
Precharged Range Ext: Charge Battery
Constant Current Source [Wikipedia]
Range Extender: Factory Precharged
Extremely slow rise...
Two Aerials are Better than One
New & Revised Components / Transformer
Works perfectly same as before...
Tesla's Special Generator in an EV
Works fine same as before if top
transformer is first reduced to 100kH to start...
Adding Inductance to Slow Growth
Inventor's Corner / John Bedini via Dave Bowling
/ Balancing Neg vs Pos Resistance
Splitting the Positive
Adding a Lamp
Plasma Battery
Plasma Sangulani
Minimum Amperage
Tesla Motors' Amps
Battery's Max Tolerance
Inventor's Corner / John Bedini via Dave Bowling
/ Dave Bowling's Setup
/ Using a Magneto Alternator as a Charger
Parametric Magneto
Inventor's Corner / Eric Dollard's LMD
Three Kabooms!
Let's Blowup Tesla's EV!!! ;-)
Real World, Pierce-Arrow?
This one only works with series resistance. It's
dead when run under Paul Falstad's simulator...
Refined Pierce-Arrow for a Single Coil
Inventor's Corner / Simple Parametric LMDs
Regulated Explosion (Parametric Oscillations) ...
Designed for REALSIM / With Batteries
Two LMDs: Powering Up Precharged C1
Two LMDs: Cruising at 50-85 Amps
Two LMDs: Cruising at 550-1k Amps
Designed for REALSIM / Without Batteries
Two LMDs, No Resistor
200A & 250V, No Resistor
Two LMDs, w/Resistor
220A & 285V, w/Resistor
Two LMDs, w/Resistor & Diode
206A & 325V, w/Resistor & Diode
Designed for NE & CircuitMod
Two Fast LMDs
Two Slow LMDs
Two LMDs, Shorted
Parametric Excitation / Look Ma! No Battery!
A Simple, Cold Start
Cold Start, precharged w/260A & 200V
Electric Paradigm [EP]
Precharged Electric Paradigm
Explosive Synthesis of Electricity
Inductively Adjustable Kaboom!!
Heat from Reactive Power
Parametric Excitation / Simplest OverUnity
How Simple Can This Be?
Very Simple, Indeed!
Dr. John G. Trump, 1947
Parametric Proof
Battery Assisted P.E.
Silica is a Parametric Oscillator
Reactive Power Converter
Parametric Excitation
/ Daniel McFarland's Generator
50 Amps - 15 Volts
210 Amps - 60 Volts
3k Amps - 900 Volts
Battery Charger