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Originally Posted by mbrownn View Post
Try replacing the bad battery with a capacitor and resistor in series of just enough resistance to allow the motor to turn, In parallel to the resistor you want to put a diode blocking the direction of flow of current but allowing the back-spikes to bypass the resistor. The diode need to be very low forward voltage and fast switching. The output load wants to be matched so that the voltage drop on the source is not too much. an additional diode opposing the current in parallel to this load will help too.
I hope folks aren't going to forget this post by mbrownn.
If we have voltage moving in two directions though the system would this not be a good place to insert a three wire transformer and "milk" some more power out of this thing? This is one of the modifications to this circuit I have been talking to Luther about since he and I first started sharing with each other...combining what we know about this with what Matt Jones has done in the Use for the Tesla switch thread. Luther and I both have the big transformers for Matt's setup, and adding it in is another of the many, many, MANY tests we want to try.

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