To begin,
All psychic phenomena are manifestations of devotion to the path of enlightenment. Enlightenment is a condition wherein the soul has acquired the karma of one of its incarnations in which that creature is identified with its Cosmic Ego which lies beyond death of the body. This Cosmic Ego is an adjunct of Cosmic Mind. Cosmic Mind is always in rapport with Divine Mind of God, the Almighty. Although mankind cannot achieve omniscience while limited to a human incarnation, mankind can experience a limited psychic development in which the human can know all there is to know about any one subject at one time should he/she put their attention on the matter. The Almighty knows all things simultaneously due to its perfect nervous system. Psychic ability runs the gamut from human perfection of this all the way down to intermittent operation in which our fancy more often than not fills in the gaps leaving a legacy of fuzzy confusion in its wake. But it is possible to awaken access to the courtesy copy (or carbon copy) of the akashic records prior to enlightenment by sojourning in the Seventh Heaven between lifetimes. Otherwise, only enlightened saints have access to the original akashic records since they have acquired an immortal body of space, or akasha, or aether, upon their enlightenment. This immortal body survives death of the physical body and is self-luminous and lives on self-luminous worlds which consume three fourths of Creation and the entire world is immortal - not merely the beings living there. But upon entering into the path of enlightenment, a seeker has committed themselves to acquiring union with God. This union is via psychic development. Devotion to conscience, or God, is via psychic development. All of the benefits of psychic development pale by comparison, such as: telekinesis, levitation, etc, and are useless without the reason for their development dominating the devotee's intentions. For without a stable referenced point of view in THAT (Absolute Being), THIS (Maya) will continue to dominate our thinking, feeling and actions and blur our sense of duty. Although there's no clear cut translation for the Sanskrit term, Dharma, duty usually suffices. Awareness of dharma normally awakens when the throat chakra is awakened. But there is often a caveat to this awakening in the seeker. This caveat is an intolerance to anything which is not the truth. This chakra gives the devotee an uncanny ability to sniff out falsehood to an uncomfortable degree for the seeker making compassion a difficult lesson to exercise. It is at this point that the seeker is ready to tread the path of enlightenment if his/her compassion can be stabilized. Otherwise, they might make a false move and kill everyone in sight who doesn't live up to their expectations. Several examples from history come to mind, such as: Joan of Arc and Moses wiping out Korah without mercy in chapter 16 of the Book of Numbers located in the Old Testament.

Psychic ability has its hazards upon its development. Caution is easier said than done.