How to Cure Alcoholism and the Fatigue of Old Age!

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This is a cure for OCD – obsessive compulsive disorder – as well as a cure for alcoholism and most pathological illnesses (which are based upon a microbe, such as the coronavirus, etc)[1] if these pathological microbes are susceptible to the sterilizing influence of chlorine.

OCD is driven by any strong emotion, such as: fear,[1] anger, grief or lust. But once the repetitive behavior of alcohol consumption is chosen as a method of distraction, it gains a momentum all its own reinforced by a survival instinct superseding any desire for food or water.

This survival instinct for alcohol, or whatever repetitive behavior suits the OCD victim, is driven by a parasite which is readily available from our environment so that, if the parasite should become temporarily eradicated,[2] and the protocol for its eradication should cease, then the alcoholic condition (repetitive behavior) will return with as much force as when it terminated.

As you know, habit patterns are built-up (over time) becoming stronger as their repetition proceeds. This is due to the subconscious mind reinforcing whatever the conscious mind has commanded the subconscious to execute. But, you may not know that the entire body – outside of the brain – is the subconscious mind. That is one heck of a formidable force to reconcile!

This is the challenge confronting the alcoholic who wants to recover normal instincts by reprogramming the brain to forget the strong emotion (which drove the OCD in the first place) by removing the parasite at the root of their OCD.
You know you're OCD-ing when you're dead serious about quickly returning to your OCD-habit whenever you've been fasting (taking a long break) from repeating it – in other words, incapable of laughing at yourself for taking this habit so seriously while refraining from it at the same time!

You know you've got an OCD solution when the solution is not addictive. In other words, you only partake of the OCD solution whenever you feel threatened over losing your grip on your OCD sobriety.

Maybe, just, maybe the best substitute for alcohol is a solvent more potent than alcohol, itself?

Imagine – if you will – a world in which something so prevalent as beer is used as a preventative health measure targeting cancer cells and leaving normal healthy cells alone? In such a world, cancer would be unknown and nobody would even know what the heck you're talking about to even mention the subject!


Alcohol – as ethanol (Vodka = 100% ethanol alcohol) – is an example of a solvent, but unlike water, it is a stronger solvent than water.

Likewise, DMSO is a solvent, but unlike ethanol alcohol, DMSO is a stronger solvent than ethanol.

Thus is DMSO two place values removed – in strength of solvency – from that of water with ethanol alcohol in between the two.

So, water is the least solvent followed by ethanol is more solvent and DMSO[3] is the most potent solvent among these three compounds by comparison with each other.[4]

So, you would think that all alcoholics (who are trying to recover from their addiction) would be flocking to the consumption of DMSO (as a substitute for their addiction) with the added benefit of DMSO being a more effective solvent than alcohol giving them the experience of imbibing a solvent of greater potency than alcohol and not addictive!

So, why hasnít DMSO become the gold standard substitute for alcoholic withdrawal? Good questionÖ

Because there is one element missingÖ Bleach bath.

When these two components are considered together at the same time, something wonderful happens: an awakening – nothing less than a miracle.

Bleach baths are normally considered for merely treating conditions of the skin, because the treatment merely goes skin deep.

But DMSO is different and changes the whole situation as Dr. Stanley Jacob discovered back in the 1960s.[5] [6] He found that you could substitute a hypodermic injection of certain compounds with a DMSO skin topical treatment and still get the same effectiveness without the hypodermic injection becoming involved.

DMSO forms a weak chemical bond with light weight molecules and chemical elements such as chlorine in this case. I even formed my first YouTube channel 11 years ago called DMSOI[7] predicated on my discovery of the efficacy of combining DMSO with pure iodine to make it possible to ingest iodine and not get an upset stomach as is usually the case whenever ingesting Lugolís solution by way of mouth. But this combination makes it possible to ingest Lugolís and not get an upset tummy.

Well, we donít use iodine to sterilize our tapwater because itís not as effective as is chlorine. Yet, without using the complicated chemistry (as outlined in that YouTube channel linked-to up-above), itís possible to effectively do the same thing with chlorine and DMSO as I was trying to do earlier with iodine and DMSO. Here, let me explainÖ

We orally consume (ingest) half a tablespoon of DMSO and then immerse ourselves in a bleach bath. It couldnít be simpler than this!

The standard recommendation for a bleach bath is up to half a cup of Clorox in a full bath of bathwater.[8] May I add the admonishment (or suggestion) that the water temperature is insignificant to the protocol but is more important for oneís personal comfort so any temperature is the right temperature – whatever feels right for you. Because the best added component to this treatment modality is the time spent in the bath plus the frequency of its repetitions. So, the water temperature better be comfortable!

You see,Ö Bleach baths are normally considered skin-deep treatment modalities only effective at treating skin conditions not total-body internal conditions affecting the entire inside of our body. But DMSO changes all of that[9] and makes it possible to treat the entire inside of the body with chlorine.

It has been known in the medical literature (since the early 1950s) that there is a statistical correlation between certain behaviors among parasite-infected individuals and the chemicals which those parasites manufacture intended to mimic our bodily hormones, such as: those chemicals associated with our emotional states of fear, lust, anger, etc. Edwin Fuller Torrey[10] has headed the National Association for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)[11] and, together with a colleague, researched the medical literature which records this statistical data.[12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22]

Now, what does any of this have to do with alcoholism?

What if alcoholism is a complex phenomenon whose initial causation is parasitic infestation of the brain?

And what if an additional mitigating circumstance (exacerbating alcoholism) is a habit pattern in which the brain becomes structured around alcohol depending upon the constant ingestion of this compound for the survival instinct of the physiology to be maintained at all times?

Survival is a very strong instinct and we canít mess with it. Yet, the alcoholic wants alcohol before he even thinks about food! Thatís a pretty mixed up survival instinct – yet, is the reality for the alcoholic.

SoÖ To repeat myselfÖ

Alcoholism may have only one root cause: that of parasitic infestation of the brain, but is exacerbated by the brain forming a habit pattern structuring its neural connections around the expectation and (worst of all) the dependency upon alcohol being there all the time – every day – inside the physiology to maintain a sense of survival.

Chlorine would have taken care of the parasitic infestation if it could only be absorbed by the body.

It canít be absorbed without the help of DMSO.

Furthermore, a substitute is needed of greater solvency than alcohol and DMSO satisfies this requirement without becoming another addiction.

Doesnít that make sense?

By the way, DMSO is manufactured by algae in the ocean and rises up into the clouds and gets rained down, everywhere, with an equal distribution. It is readily accessible because the lignin within the woody portion of plants (such as trees) absorbs the DMSO and stores it.

Itís not processed by us this way (by pressing it out of lignin; although that used to be the case), but -instead- is artificially manufactured because thereís absolutely no difference between the artificial compound of DMSO and itís natural extraction from plants. So, the body canít tell the difference and thereís no ill side effects from ingesting pure DMSO of artificial origin.

DMSO cannot be cooked with food for it will break down and lose its efficacy. It cannot be stored for long periods of time without it naturally breaking down into MSM[23] and a small amount of DMS[24] which is very disgusting in itís odor and flavor. It has a very narrow band of temperature range for maintaining its stability somewhere in the vicinity of 65°F to 85°F (as I recall from a PDF file I privately received from Dr. Stanley Jacobís son – and not located on their company website – who ran the family-owned, DMSO lab, website[4] devoted to his fatherís research).

There is one potentially hazardous risk in handling DMSO and it is very important that you keep this in mindÖ

Because it is a very strong solvent, you cannot allow DMSO to come into contact with artificially man-made materials such as rayon or the dyes in our clothing and then touch the skin because it will be absorbed into the body and make oneĎs self very ill. Let me give you an exampleÖ

12 years ago, I made a mistake of making a lemon water mixture with DMSO but I used a plastic cup to mix it up and drink it down from. This was a big mistake!

Imagine, if you will, having a breast implant and the silicone from the fake breast leaks out into your body to give you that health problem that has become well known. Thatís exactly what happens when DMSO touches plastic or any other organic compound. Itís not natural; it was not intended for human consumption, namely: we were never supposed to eat plastic or rayon or the artificial dyes in our clothing, etc. DMSO will dissolve any of these organic compounds and transport them across the skin and into the body fluids of the physiology in a state of solvency making them extremely toxic to the physiology and very dangerous to interact with. Itís no fun having plastic poisoning and taking weeks to get rid of it by using DMSO as the only method I could utilize to get the plastic out of my body once I had mistakenly used DMSO to insert the plastic into my body in the first place. What an experience! YuckÖ

But now you have my error to avoid!

As I tell people, powerful techniques carry with them powerful risks. Thereís a lot of leverage in power, but also a lot of risk. So, bewareÖ

This is why I have developed a habituated protocol, in which: whenever I take a little DMSO, letís say from a metallic or wooden spoon, I have some running water over the sink that I use to dip my fingers into to wipe off my mouth and then rinse off my fingers before wiping off any body-part with a towel because the chemistry of the towel may very well poison me if I let it touch the DMSO lingering on my lips or hands. This may sound like the thinking of a hypochondriac, but donít get me wrong: this is not hypochondria. This is one hell of a powerful compound that Iím suggesting that you deal with so I wanna make sure you know the dangers after I told you about some of its more salient benefits regarding this treatment modality.


What if alcoholism is a very complex situation which is why itís so difficult to eradicate?

What if in addition to the neural pathways of the brain becoming disfigured with new habit patterns, what if obsessive compulsive behavior – driven by paranoia – is behind the alcoholic habit?[25]


Using the information from footnotes numbered two and three, below, itís possible to come up with an oral administration of this technique. It may be just the method that will reverse[26] the illness called alcoholism.

  1. Gently swirl a mixture of distilled water and a half teaspoon of pure sodium hypochlorite (Clorox at 6% strength) in a glazed, ceramic or glass mug (tea cup). Avoid plastic and avoid paper! This is important for safety!
  2. Add half a tablespoon of DMSO[27] and continue swirling for three minutes. Use a metallic or wooden spoon.[28] This is also important for safety.
  3. This is entirely optional... — Add a tablespoon of lemon juice, fresh or bottled, for flavor enhancement and to encourage mucousal secretions lining the digestive tract.
  4. First, wet your lips with this mixture and then proceed to slowly sip it by holding a little bit in your mouth – a little bit at a time – before swallowing if youíre new to this protocol.
  5. Orally consume this on an empty stomach and wait a few minutes before eating should you want to eat or drink anything else.
  6. Do not put plastic, nor any (coated) paper, utensil to your lips while performing this procedure.
  7. Using your bare fingers, wet your fingers under running water to wipe off your mouth of any DMSO residue before attempting to dry off your mouth with any cloth or paper napkin or towel.
  8. Keep some MSM capsules handy in case you should get an upset tummy since MSM is anti-inflammatory and is the fully oxygenated analog to DMSO.
  9. In fact, don't start off right away with ingesting DMSO. First start with MSM capsules to give your body some stability since DMSO wants to break down into MSM and DMS. So, why not provide the MSM to discourage this breakdown inside of yourself? Since MSM is easily flushed out of the body due to it being water soluble, take a gram capsule (1,000 mg), periodically. Also, make sure you're getting enough minerals, such as: calcium and magnesium, etc.
  10. Saturate the DMSO with MSM crystals to help stabilize it since DMSO wants to fill up its empty bonding site with one oxygen atom and, thus, convert itself into MSM. It does this by transferring one oxygen atom from a neighboring DMSO molecule which renders the second DMSO molecule into DMS devoid of any oxygen. So, DMSO + DMSO = DMSO + O + DMS = DMSO2 + DMS = MSM + DMS. This is a spontaneous process which cannot be prevented although it can be sped up by reducing its storage temperature below 65°F or increasing the storage temperature above 85°F.

Since iodine compliments chlorine in the biology of the physiology, I prefer to use DMSO combined with chlorine during the daytime reserving the use of DMSO plus iodine for the nighttime. And since the United States of America officially takes the position of strongly discouraging the use of pure iodine crystals (prills) without licensing from the Department of Drug Enforcement (DEA), I get my iodine prills from overseas (China, Chile)[29] and make my own Lugol's solution at home using recipes which are readily available online.[30]

Update... Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 8:44 AM

It's not that easy to directly affect the population density of parasites inside a living organism using natural methods and avoid the use of psychotropic medications (which substitute for anti-parasitic medications).

But there is a way to indirectly reduce the population of parasites by killing off the bacteria which they harbor since there is a symbiotic relationship coexisting between them. If we kill off their internal bacteria, then there will be less bacteria to share among the general population of parasites reducing how many of the parasites can have access to the reduced quantity of bacteria.

Think of it as a food shortage. When a wild animal specie has its food supply reduced, this often reduces the population of that animal specie. Even though the parasite is not "consuming" the germs for food, they are harboring them and will feel less "full" of them and become a little bit cranky since their bacterial friends will not be around to support the nefarious activities of their parasitic hosts making our life a little less of a living hell. In my opinion, the devil is a pathological micro-organism.

These parasites are at the root cause of the over-indulgent consumption of alcohol and other obsessive habits. If we reduce their population, then our obsessive compulsions will have less merit to act upon.

To this end, the use of pure silver – even if in small quantity – may greatly impact the population density of the parasites which we harbor by the well-known ability for silver to kill off bacteria.

Even a little bit of silver will go a long way in helping us to achieve our goal of ruining the livelihood of the parasites inside of our bodies and, thus, reduce the influence these creatures have on directing our lives through their behavioral modification of ourselves (as is extensively noted in the scientific literature).

So, I like to take a short strand of pure silver wire (four nine's fine, 99.99%, purity) used for replacing the electrodes of colloidal siver generators, at least two inches in length, and curl it into a flat coil and place it at the bottom of all of my beverage containers whether these be containers of: juice, beer, water, milk, etc.

And if I really want to consume a massive dosage of silver, then I make colloidal silver so dense in silver that it is murky and muddy with sediment and drink a sip.

Here is the 60 Minutes TV interview of Dr. Stanley Jacob conducted on the 23rd of March and the 6th of July, 1980.[31]

[1] DMSO – The Persecuted Drug by Dr. Stanley Jacob, chapter 6 — Excerpts: "DMSO" is "effective against viruses" and acute and chronic schizophrenia responds with a "rapid decrease in agitation... recession of persecution feeling, a relatively sudden tendency to communicate and to stay clean.., the wane of obsessions, return to alertness, and a calmness where there had been restlessness and anxiety" upon treatment with DMSO, alone.
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Iíve been addicted to wheat for quite some time. Iím allergic to it. Iím also allergic to tomatoes and potatoes and addicted to tomatoes in particular.

But for some uncanny reason, wheat does me a lot of harm. And, surprise, surprise, wheat does a lot of harm to a lot of other people and it has become quite fashionable to produce gluten-free bakery products to accommodate such people who have to restrict their intake of wheat.


Only a few days of this DMSO and chlorine protocol alternating with DMSO and iodine was sufficient to burn out of me my addictive habituation to the consumption of wheat products - in particular, my fondness for bagels of all things!

Now, Iím wheat-free, and loving it!!!

This is my testimonial if you havenít noticedÖ

Testimonial #2

I have known for some time that iodine raises cellular consciousness. Whenever I use tincture of iodine and put it on my skin, it raises my awareness to an upstanding position of believing in myself which is one of the issues affecting anyone with obsessive compulsive behavioral addictions.

DMSO and iodine increases efficiency so that only a drop or two of this combination placed on the tongue and allowed to become absorbed through the lining of the mouth is sufficient to immediately "wake me up" in the morning when I need it most to get out of the house and exercise, lightly.

And since my digestion tends to be worn down by the end of the day along with the exhaustion that I readily suffer from (at my age, that's fairly easy to succumb to), it may be more appropriate to use DMSO and chlorine in the evening since this combination helps improve my appetite and digestion and give me enough spunk to continue on through the evening of activity.

Testimonial #3

You'll know how badly you're addicted to self-damaging habits by how disgusting DMSO tastes when taken by mouth. Especially if stabilized by saturating it with as much MSM crystals as will dissolve in it. That's why I recommend a particular brand which allows just the right amount of empty space in its bottle to accommodate just the right amount of MSM crystals to fully saturate it and reduce the time it takes for DMSO to break down into MSM and stinky DMS in the body – and in the mouth: which is where you will notice, right away, how well or ill you're doing by how good/neutral or disgusting the DMSO tastes!

The more disgusting it tastes, the more badly you need it to overcome some serious addictions which are either killing you, slowly and painfully, or else – at the very least – giving enough stress to reduce the quality of your life.

The most damaging of your addictively, self-abusive habits will be the first to disappear with regular use of DMSO taken orally, half a tablespoon two or three times a week with or without a chlorine bath to augment it's effectiveness.

Any additional bad habits will also gradually disappear until you are relatively free of addictive behavior, in general.

To wit...

I'm finding that I am reducing my desire / or craving / for animal foodstuffs, such as: eggs and dairy products. This is good, since I was born among raw food vegans. The only reason why I went back to eating fish, eggs, and dairy is due to the stress of being persecuted for bringing a child into this world. After ten years of separation from my son, plus lots of self-therapy, my craving for engaging in (what amounts to) an eating disorder (for me) has been reduced to the point that I don't feel like hurting myself with the addictive behavior of eating something which I know to be wrong for me.

It may be right for you, but that doesn't make it right for me. We, each, must do what's best for our self and get over our heartaches without any guilt or remorse, nor self-abuse.