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One horsepower of output per 200 pounds of iron...

Originally Posted by Spokane1 View Post
Dear boguslaw,


Apparently an Earth Ground or the negative pole of a wet-cell battery needs to be present to supply some important ingredient to this novel process.It appears to be a required component of the isolated secondary side of the converter.


Mark McKay, PE
When I see this quote of Mark McKay, along with this outtake from a YouTube video of himself talking about the use of a battery with which to sink electrons into instead of using ground (using a Tesla idea applied to the EV Gray motor design), I think of the insulated iron hull of a submarine immersed in the electrolyte of the ocean. The iron is one plate of that battery conforming to the one horsepower output per 200 pounds of iron in a Tesla Special Tri-Metal Generator.

No danger here of blowing up batteries, eh?

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