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My response to a recent inquiry...
Hi Viny,

On your fb, it says that you've Studied Computer science at West Los Angeles College (WLAC).

I want to know if your knowledge in the other areas like yogic teaching, Eric Dollard and other electricity and electronic teaching can be applied in computer science and internet to create a unique outcome.


Actually, it has transpired the other way around. I took machine level, assembler at WLAC after first studying the theory section of the I Ching, or Chinese Book of Changes which led to an octal appreciation which helped to prepare me. Also, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Science of Creative Intelligence had prepared me since he teaches sixteen principles which may be analogous to the 8 pairs of principles making up the root of three alphabets to the language of nature. Each of these three alphabets have around 1,000 letters. One of these three is located in the crown chakra. Another, can be partially found on the Western piano keyboard. But the root of these three central to the other two is partially alluded to by the I Ching.

What does this have to do with Eric Dollard? Lots. EM is alive as consciousness. It is a living creature alive in a circuit, or outside of one in our environment, existing as a creature endowed with Creative Intelligence and analogous to Yang/Yin, Sat/Chit, Purnamida Purnamidam (described in the Vedas as two fullnesses: fullness of fullness and fullness of emptiness). The Existentialists call Yin: the void. Modern science calls this: space. Classical science dating back almost two hundred years calls Yang the Aether. Both are called Akasha in Sanskrit. This can be validated by looking up the word ‘akasha' in a Sanskrit/English translation dictionary published before Einstein's relativity began to dominate our thinking. I found such a textbook in the UCLA research library dating back sometime in the 1800s. But more modern online translation services give us space as the translated equivalent of akasha which implies emptiness. The aether has always been associated with fullness. So, two fullnesses: the emptiness of space and the fullness of the aether. Both are full, but each in their own way.

The mistake of intellect which we make is to confuse the abstract realm with the concrete. And since we count, we also confuse zero as countable. It is not. Zero is one of two asymptotic hyperbolic limits of magnitude. Its opposite is infinity. Both are non-evaluatable. This is where computer science kicks in wherein their one's compliment arithmetic hints at the existence of two relativistic infinities confined to the discrete quantity of bits making up a computer's register, whether this be 8 bits, 16 bits, 32 bits or 64 bits. Regardless, from the register's point of view, whenever it is filled with nothing but zeros, then Yin/Void/Space/Intelligence/Chit is being embodied. And whenever this value is inverted/signed negative, then it becomes negative zero (infinity) which computer scientists early on in the history of the development of computers could not accept. So, they invented two's compliment arithmetic which is a sleight of hand at the end of each arithmetic operation in which normally subtraction of a number from itself results in negative zero: infinity. Two's compliment arithmetic erases that answer and converts it back into zero.

But here's where it begins to make more concrete sense...

The aether does not exist in space, so Michelson and Morley looked for it in the wrong place. It exists in counter-space. Counter-space is where the three gunas of sattwa, rajas and tamas exist along with their personifications of Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Maintainer, and Shiva the Destroyer. These are three pairs out of the eight main pairs of deities making up the root alphabet of the language of nature. These three cause nature to function. But their causation is in the realm of counter-space - not space.

Space is composed of three other pairs of deified principles called doshas. These three doshas are the effects of whatever the three gunas cause. If you draw a triangular diagram with each of the three gunas at each vertice, then another inverted triangle will make a Mogen David depicting both the causation of the three gunas in counter-space and their three effects of doshas in space. Ganesh personifies Vata dosha and rests between Sattwa and Rajas. Mother Divine personifies Kapha dosha and is positioned between Sattwa and Tamas. Surya personifies Pitta dosha between Rajas and Tamas.

Pitta digests food. Hence, Pitta destroys food to convert it into simpler ingredients that our cells can ingest. This destruction by way of pitta is done in an active manner to maintain the body. Rajas is also associated with activity and pressure and passion and charity/philanthropy.

Vata is also active, but in a mental context, so it's domain is the pure activity of thought.

Kapha is not active, but is considered wet and solid which is the only way I can make sense of this since Mother Nature makes us physical out of the ‘dust of the Earth', yet also makes us vulnerable to change and the stress induced by changing circumstances by filling us with a lot of water. Saying that kapha is both the combination of creation and destruction doesn't help me figure this dosha's unique characteristics since this is a conjoint pair of opposite gunas. Oh, well!

There are two more deities: Dharma personifying Smritee representing the gap between the three gunas and three doshas of nature/prakritee (science calls nature the relative, or relativity). And the other side of this gap is the absolute transcendental Almighty Supreme Being called Ishwara in the Sanskrit which personifies existence, or Being, called purusha.

Ishwara breaks down into its component parts of: I and Shwara. I, pronounced ‘ee', means ‘progression' or ‘evolution' or ‘growth' and ‘development'. Shwara means ‘all beings' or ‘all creatures great and small, visible or invisible'. The first law of the universe is in the Almighty's name in which all things must grow. This comes even before the second highest law which is the law of balance, also known as karma which science knows as action and reaction.

Prakritee tugs on the Absolute to manifest Itself. The Absolute tugs on Prakritee to transcend relativity and get to Being on the other side of Dharma. It's Dharma's job to maintain these dual tugging forces. Otherwise, how is life expected to grow in fulfillment?

Transcendence fulfills lack of consciousness by infusing more consciousness so as to encourage more development. Manifestation fulfills desires by helping us to remember what we already know. This the ‘remembrance' of Smritee. So, manifesting anything in the physical sciences is always preceded by the abstract act of remembering some technique that will allow us to command nature to satisfy our desire for more relativistic happiness to which our body has become addicted (to its creature comforts). Manifestation in the Arts and Literature heals our aches and expands our comprehension and tickles our fancy.

Any questions?

Hi Viny,

Wow, Thank you for this loong reply, I want to know more of the practical knowledge and psychic experiences and demonstrations you've had, and its application in affecting technology or reality.

Also, the meaning of "EM is alive as consciousness. It is a living creature alive in a circuit, or outside of one in our environment"

Best Regards

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