A Global Model for Resonant Lightning Simulated as an Idealized Thundercloud
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Overunity – more watts out than watts in – usually evokes shock and disdain among those weary of too much liberalism applied to science. But what if an ideal thundercloud manages to magnify the initial conditions of its formation in a manner akin to negative resistance in which – rather than reducing amperage – resistance accelerates amperage without the lack of voltage interceding? In other words, no largess of resistance, nor lack of voltage, can disallow the acceleration of amperage undergoing the phenomenon known as negative resistance. On the contrary, normal resistance magnifies amperage when compressed under extreme pressure due to voltage having no where to discharge its energy. Thus, any occasional discharge – as from a lightning bolt – accelerates itself as if a small break or crack had erupted somewhere along the length of a garden hose whose water pressure has built up to excessive levels. Such a break – (in a stopped) garden hose or in any other compressed medium, such as: any areas of high pressure within a thundercloud – does not need a return path to complete a circuit despite conventional wisdom erroneously applying closed loop mentality to all electrical circuits regardless of need.

A gas discharge tube, such as: a neon bulb or a fluorescent tube considered separate from its ballast, exhibits negative resistance. And an ionized plasma formation within a thundercloud is a natural formation of a manmade gas discharge tube.

Overunity need not be manmade. Nature performs this each time lightning strikes. It is possible to imagine an idealization of our planet's global system of thunderclouds which resonate with their surroundings. Each bolt of lightning – in this overly simplified simulation – oscillates with the ground, the air, or another cloud and the thundercloud which evoked it if all things are in a continual state of balance. My model exhibits this ideal condition to simplify the mechanics of how nature can magnify lightning from tiny sources of voltage, because very little if any power(watts) is required to run our weather systems.

Resonance is a neat property. It stabilizes a circuit's oscillations into a plateau in which you can generally count on a consistent outcome.

Raising the frequency of oscillations is even more neat since it hides a raging surge by reducing it to the size of a tiny pea. You know? The vegetable every kid loves to avoid?

Thus, it's not necessary to snub a circuit to suppress its surges. We need only raise its frequency to shrink its tendency to surge to infinite gain. And if we should be fortunate enough to also add resonance, then we will have stabilized its manageability as is exhibited by the following simulation of free energy from an aerial.

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Such is the foundation for my presentation, here, offered for your amusement or edification, but hopefully not for your disdain. 樂

Zeus || Thor Poised to Deliver a Thunder Bolt

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Retroreflectors are a consumer product which embody the principle of phase conjugation.

I developed this model of an ideal thundercloud in resonant oscillation with its immediate surroundings loosely derived from Eric Dollard's model of an LMD analog computer emulating a Tesla coil.

LMD = Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric
TEM = Transverse Electro-Magnetic

Newton's Cradle exhibits transverse waves at either end while the energy translates into a longitudinal shock wave in resonance with the compressed medium in the center through which it must pass.

An ideal thundercloud (acting as an oscillator) will resonate its lightning discharges through the two inductors leading to ground – named in this model: 'discharge #1' and 'discharge #2' – and develop magnitudes of energy similar to this model. The manifestation of lightning is very similar – in fact, it's equivalent – to Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter (TMT). Hence, for now on, I have replaced my global lightning model with Eric Dollard's LMD emulating a TMT.

Download this simulation as a binary text file and load it into this http://is.gd/blankcanvas.
Or, use this shortcut: https://vinyasi.info/ne?startCircuit=lmd-tmt.txt.

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