Rife Cancer Tones Playlist, by Vinyasi
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This playlist could not have been generated had it not been for the gracious information shared by Gary Wade and inspired by Eric P. Dollard.
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Burning a Rife Cancer Tone Disc

Burning a Rife Cancer Tone Disc

I used a tone generator, online, at: www.onlinetonegenerator.com and selected the 'triangle' radio button, to create these frequencies which are generally known among students of Royal Raymond Rife for their ability to kill two forms of one cancer virus which had been studied by Rife back in the 1930s.

The frequencies are ten seconds each of: 2008, 2125, 2126, 2127, 2128, 2129 cycles per second. Limit your duration of listening to these frequencies in the beginning to just a few seconds if you're very ill with cancer, or a few minutes if you think that you are free of cancer, and then gradually increase duration once every few days to allow your body to recuperate from cleaning up the dead cancer cell mass and remain relatively cancer-free.

Burn your own disc and play this at home on your stereo system, or in your car. You could even put some part of your body up against the diaphragm of your speaker.

One suggestion of how to arrange these files is in this sequence: 2008, 2125, 2008, 2126, 2008, 2127, 2008, 2128, 2008, 2129. Set your CD/DVD player to auto-repeat (endless loop).

Another interesting tone generator with a sweep function is Tinnitus Treatment Sound Therapy - Tone Generator & Tuner | AudioNotch.

    Interesting Devices
  • Static Gen II - 20,000 volts of electrostatic negative ion generation in the body!
  • Rife Information and the Rife Machine from a non-technical perspective
  • "high density magnetic flux lines when pulsed near the body will induce a higher electrical potential in the cells" - An alternative to using a high amperage solenoid, as noted at this link, is to use an audio tape degausser: Radio Shack High-Power Video Audio Bulk Tape Eraser #44-233A, 120 Volts 60 Hz AC 8.5A, or the #44-233, or the smaller #44-210, but not the poorly designed #44-232. I just discovered how to use the Tape Eraser on eBay is to follow the directions on the label on the side of these old units and *not* exceed their one minute limited duration per session. Eager as I am to heal, these little marvels were not designed for such abuse. I fried it. Blew the breaker for the kitchen circuit. Smelled smoke only after it went "ZZZZZ". So, I think for now on I'll limit my use of them to only 10 seconds, or so, since it's obvious the circuitry cooks itself if taken too far and then it shorts out something inside. The switch in the Realistic Bulk Tape Eraser from Radio Shack is definitely the weakest component, but only in the older model number 44-232. The wire coming out of the unit is also a smaller gauge than is the wire coming out of the next model number 44-233. The switch on the 44-233 is also a larger component lending the notion that it too is sturdier. What I discovered looking at various switches at the hardware store is that smaller rated amperage switches are for lamp cords while the larger rated switches are for power tools (also known as inductive loads, or ind. abbreviation). So, the switch on the older 44-232 is under-rated for its inductive load, namely its: transformer. Even the chassis on the newer model 44-233 is heavier. So, don't bother with the 44-232 unless you're desperate! I don't know what the 'A' on the end of the model number/s stands for..... Even the amperage is higher on the newer (2001) 44-233 model rated at 8.5 versus 5 amps on the older model 44-232. The 44-233 is rated at 6 amps. So, the letter 'A' at the end of '44-233' means a higher amperage rating. One way to tell that either of these units may have been on for too long is that its hum gets slightly louder at first and then progressively louder as it heats up further. The issue of electrocution and skin burns from some mishap of a shorted part of the circuit gone awry is very real. So, rather than merely placing a folded towel between the unit and the skin, I'd much rather feel safer using a solid, but thin, non-ferromagnetic, non-conductive, non-flammable ceramic material, such as: a dinner plate or a terra-cota saucer used for planting potted plants as my choice of safety shielding should another "ZZZZZ" event occur. Taking "safety first" one step further, I bought a pair of "Sport Utility" cotton winter gloves with rubber lining the exterior of the palm (the rubber has a sort of tread on it to enhance gripping) for use whenever handling the Tape Eraser. I would have used heavy leather gloves if they didn't give my hands a rash. I guess I could have worn thin white cotton gloves (as a liner beneath the leather) sold at pharmacies which women use for removing cosmetics? The only fallout to using this device for speeding recovery from sore muscles is stiff muscles requiring daily stretching to alleviate and prevent.
  • Along the same lines of electromedicine plus this.
    Piezo-transductive headphones for playing Rife Tones from your iPod or MP3 Player: Search for bone conduction open ear headphones on...
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Use these piezo-transductive headphones directly over the affected organ, or else over a major artery/vein feeding that area of the body, such as: over both carotid arteries, or else over the larynx (adam's apple), or over a spot half-way between the belly button and the top line of the public hair (or where the public hair line would be in a child). The sound waves will travel down the artery/vein to the tumor and shatter the membrane of the cancer-causing virus inhabiting that tumor. Do not use directly applied to the eyeball.
A better bone conduction headphone for transmitting Rife frequencies to the body may be this Finis SWIMP3 Waterproof MP3 Player designed for clipping onto swim goggles. They are not mounted onto a fixed headband like normal bone conduction headphones. Rather, they are separate transducers tied by electric cord to either an MP3 Player, or else to a USB plug. In both cases, they would be advantageous to use almost anywhere on the body (except on the eyeballs) rather than on the temples on the sides of the head.

Mike's neural injury is a brain matter injury similar to a spinal cord injury

On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 11:52 AM, alexia[...] <alexia[...]@[...]> wrote:

Hi Vinyasi,

Hope you doing well . do you think mike has a spinal chord problem?

The principle of electromedicine behind the healing process - as explained on that website, http://vibrationmed.com/, in which electricity is used to stimulate healing from spinal cord injury (plus the use of the injection of stem cells into the person)  - is the same principle as described on another website, "high density magnetic flux lines when pulsed near the body will induce a higher electrical potential in the cells". In fact, I bought an old Radio Shack audio tape degausser (eraser) from eBay specifically to heal muscle soreness by accelerating the formation of stem cells by converting the scar tissue associated with sports injury, and old age injury's tendency to heal more slowly. So, healing through electrostimulation is the key. That's why I spent money buying zappers and magnetic pulsers (leaving two magnetic pulsers with Jody and Sam), and that's why I went and spent more money buying a device that turns the whole body into a negative ion generator when you put your feet onto the plate (http://www.royalrife.com/static_gen.html) and why I also want to spend even more money buying a device that uses frequency in the form of mechanical vibration to kill various pathogens, such as: viruses, bacteria, etc. all of which are implicated in the diseases that are well known to be caused by microorganisms as well as other diseases, such as: cancer, which are not so well known to be caused by a virus (as discovered by Rife back in the 1930s and thoroughly documented by prominent doctors and then suppressed by the medical establishment) - http://tinyurl.com/rifetones. This is why I have been spending my time developing the Earthing concept, first with enhancing the biocircuit, and then developing a patentable product to add to the Earthing line of products.

So, my failed attempt to get approval to treat Mike with Diapulse is not the only solution to speeding his recovery rather than just assume whatever the doctors and medical establishment want to convey to us to believe in: that Mike is doomed to a lifetime of suffering.

Mike suffered a "wet" stroke: he had an aneurism which bled into his brain. He went into a coma when the intensive care unit stopped using an MRI (magnetic imaging resonance) scanner to view his internal condition. The medical profession does not allow magnetics for its therapeutic benefit. They merely use it for diagnostics. Yet, those MRI sessions were preventing Mike from slipping into a coma. Meanwhile, he was still bleeding inside his brain. So, I went over one night with my Sota Instruments Magnetic Pulser and pulsed Mike over his brain. He came out of his coma, but the people at Sota never warned me not to use their device on victims of wet strokes since it has the caveat of increasing pressure inside the cerebrospinal fluid inside the brain (due to its low frequency of one pulse every five or six seconds; Diapulse doesn't suffer from this shortcoming since it uses very high frequencies of magnetic pulsing) and the Sota people never expected anyone to run into intensive care and pulse their buddies. Oops! So, they had to perform an operation upon Mike by opening up his skull to let out the excess fluid. He looked like Frakenstein. Oh well. Mike thanked me when I visited him next and then told me to never do anything like that again. I said, OK, but you understand that I couldn't exactly ask you since you were in a coma. He agreed.

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